Swamp Sister Lotions emerged from my love of plants and a need to nourish my dry skin. Each year I discover new plants that can aid in the healing process. I wildcraft local herbs, as well as cultivate herbs organically. The herbs used in my products are: Comfrey, Juniper, Calendula, Lavender, Arnica, and Cottonwood.

About the Herbs

Calendula ~ This is the first Marigold. The ancient Romans,who named the flower, found they were in bloom the first day or "calends" of every month. The Romans
enjoyed their beauty but also cultivated them to treat scorpion bites. Calendula is an excellent healer of bruised and damaged skin. It is a natural antiseptic. It is used
to help heal lesions caused by dry Eczema.It may be used in lotion form to sooth chapped hands or as an infusion in a bath to reduce body scars and sooth the discomfort of varicose veins.

Comfrey ~ Throughout history comfrey has been known as a wonderful healer. Discorides, who was a Greek physician of the 1st century, used the plant to heal wounds & mend broken bones. Comfrey is derived from the Latin word meaning "grow together." Comfrey has become well known herb for its external healing properties . Allantoin is the healing compound contained with in it. This compound helps to regenerate tissue and destroys harmful bacteria. Individuals have found it helpful in healing such problems as Eczema, Psoriasis, insect bites, burns and bruises.

Juniper ~ Many know Juniper as a source for the flavoring of Gin. American Indians believed in Junipers cleansing and healing powers and used it to keep away infection, relieve arthritis and cure various wounds and illness. It soothes aching muscles, bruises and painful swelling.

Lavender ~ In the Middle Ages Lavender was thought to be an herb of love. It heals cuts and eases muscle soreness. It can be helpful in easing the irritation caused by Eczema and Psoriasis. Lavender stimulates and cleanses the skin. Its aroma is known to relax people.

Arnica ~ The soothing qualities of Arnica have been known in both Europe and South America. A salve with Arnica helps to sooth aching muscles, relieves pain and reduces inflammation.

Yarrow ~ Yarrow has been around for many, many years. It has been found in the burial grounds of Neanderthals, ancient China and was used by the Trojans to pack war wounds to stop bleeding. Our old Greek friend who loved Comfrey smeared Yarrow on ulcers to reduce inflammation. Native Americans found 28 ailments that responded to the herb. It is an astringent, a cleanser and it helps keep the mosquitoes at bay.

Cottonwood (Balm of Gilead) ~ The cottonwood tree is in the Poplar family. These trees contain salicylic precursors, which are related to asprin and share its properties as an anti-inflammatory and analgesic. It helps relieve the ache of burns and helps to heal sores. It also soothes the irritation of bug bites and skin rashes

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