We offer a full line of creams, lotions, oils and lip balms to choose from.
All Swamp Sister products include herbs wild crafted in Alaska as well as herbs organically grown by myself or others.  Our products are hand made in small batches.

Creams offer heavy-duty moisturizing perfect for any part of your body that needs it. Creams are available in a variety of scents. Creams contains shea butter which has been known for centuries as a soother of dry skin.
Cottonwood Cream (Balm of Gilead) contains the wonderful healing properties of the cottonwood bud,which comes from the Cottonwood Tree (Balsam Poplar). This cream aids in soothing the irritation of bug bites, the ache if sun burns, rashes of any kind, or any type of skin irritation (has eased the itch and dryness caused by Eczema and Psoriasis) and has also been very effective at relieving diaper rash for the wee folks. The cottonwood cream also contains luxurious Shea Butter.
Skeeter Beater: An all natural mosquito repellent filled with essential oils the mosquito's hate as well as Neem oil and Yarrow, which is a local herb. It is in lotion form so it softens your skin while you ward off mosquitos. It also comes as a Balm which is great for taking along with you hiking or picnics.
Swamp Magic: This is a healing cream which is designed to help sooth the aches and pains caused by muscle soreness and arthritis. It contains Arnica which along with easing muscle soreness is known for healing bruises. It also contains Lavender Wormwood, Devils Club and Comfrey. Along with these fine healing herbs Many essential oils which compliment these herbs are also in Swamp Magic.

Skin Love: This has been specifically created to ease the itching and dryness caused by ECZEMA and PSORIASIS. Along with all the wonderful herbs contained in the lotions ,it contains several essential oils that are effective for these skin disorders. It comes as a cream or lotion.

Lotions are guaranteed to get you through the driest weather. They are helpful in soothing the irritation and dryness caused by Eczema and Diabetes. They come in a variety of scents.

Swamp Sister Lotions
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