Below is a sample of what people have said about my lotions.

"Swamp Sister's Cottonwood Cream is
the best for preventing and treating diaper rash. I've
even tried the expensive stuff from the health food
store.At our house we call it "chub sauce" and just a
dab at changing time keeps our little Chubs soft and
healthy. Smells good too!!"
Megan Brinson
Homer, Alaska

"As a new mother baby rashes were unchartered territory
for me.So when my new son got a nasty case of diaper
rash,my friend introduced me to Swamp Sister's
Cottonwood Cream.The rash began to clear up very
quickly. Now we use it regularly and I have sent jars
to my friends and family. The ingredients are all
natural-no funny stuff-which makes me feel comfortable
using the cream on my child."
Sarah Hancock
Homer, Alaska

"My first stop when I get to Homer is for Swamp
Sisters. We have a stone carving business in Ohio. We
keep Swamp Sister,s Cottonwood Cream in our toolbag
for all our nicks ,splits and cuts. All the guys use
it. It's not a girl thing ...It's a work thing!"
Gerri Rice and Beu Criss
Amherst, Ohio

"I was introduced to Swamp Sister Lotions four years
ago in Nikiski, Alaska as I helped build a home for
the pastor of North Emaciates Church.It is the best
thing I have found for rough dry skin."
Calvin Anderson
Wilkesboro, North Carolina

"I have been using Swamp Sister's Lavender lotion for
several years.Due to the sun I get growth's on my
face. After using Swamp Sister's Lavender lotion on a
regular basis the growths would dry up and fall off.
My skin has never been so soft. I highly recommend it."
Walter Cooper
Plains City, Ohio

"Alaska's long, dry winters suck moisture from the skin, but coupled with reaching a "certain age", I frantically searched for relief. After spending hundreds of dollars on products, I discovered THE BEST lotions and creams were being made right here on the Kenai Peninsula. Who would have guessed! Natural healing is of utmost importance to me, and Elizabeth uses only those ingredients which will support the body. No petroleum products, no artificial coloring, no $10 words on her labels one can't identify. If your skin is screaming for relief, please try Swamp Sister products. You'll find great value in each and every bottle."
Mrs. Lesse Atkins
Nikiski, Alaska

"I was looking for an all natural lotion that didn't have alcohol and dyes in it and I found it in Swamp Sister Lotion!  I haven't used any other lotion for 9 years and I love it!  Working and living on the ocean dries ones skin to often where hands are cracking.  Swampsis lotion comforts, soothes, and heals my skin rapidly.  I highly recommend it!"
Betsy Wilson
Haines, Alaska.

"I'm up for a new bottle REAL soon!  I've used it daily and have let all my friends try it, too.  They are like me ... they just LOVE it.  I told them about you being at the market and also wrote down your email address for them.  I bet you get some more sales pretty soon!"
As I think I said before, as a diabetic, my skin just turns horribly dry so quickly.  With your lotion, I put it on in the morning, and even by afternoon, I'm still smooth as a baby and I smell just wonderful!
Keep up the good work!   I have a feeling that a lot of my Christmas gifts will be coming from Swamp Sister!"
Terry Reed

"I bought your product in Anchorage at the Egan Center. I used a sample on my face to cover the dry patches not expecting very much. Normally when I use a lotion on my dry patches within an hour or two its gone and the dry patches come back. I walked around and spent most of the day at the Egan Center looking at a lot of wonder stuff, when we decided to leave, I stopped by the bathroom and looked at my face to see if your product worked. It Did. I went straight back to your table and bought a bottle. I have since used it when I go ice fishing and find my face doesn't get so dry with Skin Love on it."
Anchorage, Alaska

"Heavenly....quiet luxury. Swamp Sister Lotions are the best in the world!" Theresa Mahan

"I never have used hand lotion because my skin is so sensitive.But I tried Swamp Sister Lotions and I love it. It is not sticky. After a week or two your skin feels wonderfully soft."
Mary Jo Stewart,
Anchorage, AK

"It's incredible. I've had psoriasis for ten years. With one application of Swamp Sister Lotion my skin became totally hydrated.It made it supple and totally juicy!"
Gary Hammond
Homer, Alaska

"It's amazing to me how vigilantly Elizabeth goes about procuring and blending the ingredients. I like knowing that all those herbs are good for my skin. The stuff I used to use contained things like FD&C Blue No.1, Triethanolamine, Steareth-20...etc What was I thinking!"
Kate Rich,
Homer, Ak

"My husband David had his hands burnt by Propane,which left deep scar tissue that cracks open down about 1/4 inch and about that wide.They bled and hurt so baddly.He had been to several Doctors that prescribed numerous creams we also bought every brand on the market with no results.Then we tried Swamp Sister Lotions. We bought the Lavender Lotion for it's healing properties.This finally brought relief to David's hands . For the first time in over 15 years. His hands are healing form those burns."
Joy Miller and David Harris
Anchorage, Alaska

"Swamp Magic is the perfect thing for a little Saturday night emotional rescue"
Kincaid Balls
Las Vegas, NV

"hey Swamp Sister, I love your lotions and creams. The cottonwood cream that you have created is by far the most magical, lusciously decadent cream I have ever used. Keep up the great work, I have told all of my friends about it!"
fan from Tampa Florida,
Joelle Howald

"Swamp Sister Lotions is an exceptional product.I have chosen this product over hundreds available in New York City.The aromas of Swamp Sister lotions are truly therapeutic and the blend of oils are very nourishing to the skin. This product carries a spiritual essence...awakens the goddess within! I love it and my mother does too! Thanks!"
Karen Koval
New York City, New York

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